Student discipline is one of major concerns and issues at the centre of adolescents� life in the school. Dev Public School, Jashpur implements a set of school rules and regulations that embodies standards of behaviour befitting mature and responsible adolescents. Dev Public School, Jashpur students are expected to observe standards of behaviour that are stated as Commitments to a life of Discipline, Excellence, Dedication and adherence to these standards of behaviour contribute to the attainment of the school's mission and goals.
The act of enrolment confirms the fact that the student and his parents agree to abide by the school policies, rules, and regulations on discipline.

## Observance of peace and order within the school premises
## Care and protection of all school property
## Prompt and regular attendance in all classes
## A student may leave the campus during class hours only upon presentation of an exit pass issued and 
   duly signed by any of the following:
## A student who plans on being absent from school must get an Advanced Notice of Absence form from the 
   Guidance Office and return it to the same office the day before the planned absence. The form should 
   bear the signatures of all the teachers of classes to be missed. The student is held responsible in 
   making arrangements with the teachers regarding makeup for missed work.
## Wearing of Complete Uniform


a. Honesty at all times
b. Fairness, courtesy, and respect toward others
c. Respect toward school and national symbols