The students are given an opportunity to showcase their special talents at our morning assemblies. A news reader is selected each day to read out the news. This is followed by an open interactive session and a quiz on current affairs. 

Visitors from varied walks of life are invited to speak to the students on this forum. Students are invited to sing, play on an instrument or share a moving story or a poem. From time to time there is a panel discussion entitled. The students express views and opinions which they learn to uphold and develop in the parry and thrust of a debate. Tell a tale in just minute skits, inter-house competitions on shloka recitation, dance and music are also held.

Each department of the school-both academic and non academic plan out four assemblies every year. Our school had Chris into our building to kick off our year, and our message of "Have a Heart" and living your life with strong morals and good character. He provided some excellent large group assemblies in the morning. In every assembly Principal give a strong message for Student